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UBL Partners is absolutely committed to the national privacy principles set down by Australian Federal Laws. The information we gather is treated with absolute respect and confidentiality.

Specifically regarding ...

Information collected
We will record your name, the name of any organisation and address appearing on our surveys and the answers you provide to the survey. We may also collect other information of a general nature during the course of a typical coaching programme, business relationship or interviewing activity. This is always undertaken with your knowledge, specific permission and notice.

Access to information collected
Our clients are the only persons that have access to the results of the survey as we control it. If you are not a client of UBL Partners, once forwarded to our client, one must rely upon their privacy policies.

The information that we hold is not and will not be distributed to any other party. Any hardcopy information or facsimiles of same are shredded immediately after our processing. No hard copies of any documents are produced for filing or storage by us. All associated documents (if any) are also shredded.

Information about the results of the survey
We cannot provide open access to the results of the survey. This because, the results are not produced in a format that is able to be interpreted without specialist training and experience. However, if you would like access, this can be arranged in specific circumstances as required by law. Please also note: a fee is payable for this service at our current consultancy rates and an appointment is required.

Sensitive information
UBL Partners does not collect information about race, religion, political affiliation or sexual preference, etc.

If you have reason to believe that UBL Partners has breached the privacy policies outlined in this document, we urge you to raise this with us immediately. Please set out your concern in writing and address it to The Manager, UBL Partners. 14 Nara Crt, Buderim. Qld. Australia. 4556. Or send to, ubl[at]ubl[dot]com[dot]au

Management/use of information
The information is stored on a multiple password-protected computerised storage system that is also protected by the latest versions of commercially available "firewall" and "anti-virus" technology.

We will delete ALL information that we have on record about you immediately upon receiving a formal request for same. The files that contain your survey results are regularly "purged" or deleted in any case as part of a normal "house keeping" regime, this provided the information is not required for our daily or current business activity.

Changes to this statement
This privacy policy may change from time to time. Any changes will be published here on our website in a timely fashion.

Your information will not be used for any other purposes and your name will not be added to any mailing list or the like.

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