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This is your gateway to an exciting business and personal development vista. Rewarding change and beneficial challenges await! This can be your peek at an "access all areas pass" to your, thus far perhaps, un-imagined and even more exciting future.

We have an unique purity of purpose, in our method. Our culture embraces rigorous, high performance when it comes to coaching, training and business. We'll pass that on to you. Thank you for trusting us to be your guide.

Sport Psychology and Coaching

Some of the basic principles in coaching come out of sports psychology, performing to our best, setting and reaching goals, managing change, testing and measuring new techniques or skills. Regular practice and tournament play. Then, ...of course, a debriefing for further insight and learning.

What UBL - PURE Coaching is Not...

Coaching at the cutting edge is not about creating co-dependence. At UBL - PURE Coaching, we are philosophically opposed to setting up dependency in our clients. In other words, the breakthroughs that you achieve are the direct result of your effort. So, get used to taking on the accountability every day and accepting the credit for the outcomes achieved. It's a great feeling and it's of your doing. We'll show you how to, "slow the game down" enough, in any situation you find yourself in, to generate many (more) resourceful options. We'll show you how to choose from those options, when assessing facts and context, ...and then deciding on what you really want as a goal or outcome.

If You Want to Play to Win at Any Level, You Need a Coach. No Exceptions.

UBL Partners IS business coaching in its truest, purest sense. There's nothing else like it, we've looked and our clients agree. We're all familiar with the term coaching, as it relates to sport. Look at this list of household names, Thorpe, Hackett, Perkins, O'Neill, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty, Serena Williams, Cadel Evans, Samantha Kerr, Meg Lanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Cam Smith, Jonathan Thurston, Gary Ablett Jnr, Buddy Franklin, Daniel Rioli, Lauren Jackson, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tiger Woods. The feedback and guidance they received from their coaches, is an essential catalyst to their success and continuity of achievement, at an elite level.

What about the Hugh Jackman's, Robert DeNiro's, Merryl Streep's and Nicole Kidman's of the world? Why they have or need a coach, is self-evident. They want to access unbiased insight and perspective on, their talents, their form and themselves, relative to their craft. They want specific answers to questions that relate to improvement and higher performance, ...this from someone that has a depth of experience and a special, "eye".

It is important here to note that, a coach does not swim the laps, sing a particular note, hit the tennis ball nor act more effectively, in a given situation, than the person being coached. The coach may not, in all circumstances, be capable of performance that exceeds their client. That, is not required.

Cathy Freeman's coach couldn't run a 400m race as fast as his Olympic gold medal winning charge has and, ... we'll never have $100 billion US dollars to our name. Those facts do not mean that an Andrew Forrest, a Kerry Stokes, a Gerry Harvey or a Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or an Elon Musk can't be coached to higher performance. They can! The best coaches, are great observers of form and personal style. That, is required.

Coaches keep their charges on goal. The late Don Talbot would still "discipline" a world beater like Ian Thorpe over turning up late for training. Or, take him to task for not testing and measuring a particular biomechanical procedure, e.g. "lift your left elbow higher!", ...when urged to do so from the pool deck. This because, these behaviours are in opposition to his client's stated goals.

Asking More Questions & High Quality Questions, is a Key!

Coaching is often a very interesting, essentially "technical" discussion, conducted within a productive, results-oriented, goal focused environment. It's about asking challenging questions that help you, (the client) better access the "what" you know, to get you to the "what" you want, much sooner. And, it's also about identifying any gaps in your "need to knows", in order to achieve the things you want to achieve. Coaching is often about asking the right questions, rather than, providing the answers. Questions that are often confronting, that can challenge stated values, head on. This applies both personally and professionally.

It's important to note that principally we don't give advice. We don't tell you how to run your business. You (the client) are always going to be the expert in your business. However, ...and this is why there's a real need for a coach, our experience demonstrates to us daily, that even though most clients are expert, they don't follow their expertise. They ignore themselves and that expertise, ...often at crucially in-appropriate times.

Our clients quickly come to realise how much they haven't been doing and how much they really can do. We coach our clients on, "how to think", not so much on the, "what to think". Like most people you've probably been taught a lot about "what" to think over the years and not that much about "how" to think about all those "whats". Our job is to challenge you, to dig deep and find an answer that makes sense to you, ...and to help you to scrutinise sceptically and inspect whatever answers you generate for relevance and resourcefulness. The results from this process are routinely, amazing.

Tuning for High Performance

We are going to set about tuning your Success Quotient to high performance settings and in doing so, together, we'll collapse time frames so that you will achieve your wants, your goals, your ambition, much, much sooner and on a much bigger scale than you thought possible. Your perceptions about how long it takes to reach a goal will change. It is our regular experience that clients achieve wonderful outcomes, in time-frames that literally astound them. Independent testimony of same is always available upon request.

Coaching is Not Therapy

We are not psychologists or therapists and we don't want to be, although at times it may appear we tip-toe around the edges of those disciplines. Therapy is left to those experts. However, we are outstanding observers of form and style. This is key.

Coaching does borrow a bit from various branches of psychology. Unlike therapy, our coaching tends to be about the now, today and about tomorrow's results. It is very solutions oriented, looking at what needs to happen now, rather than what happened yesterday and why yesterday happened.

"Why did Joe Biden win the US presidency?" - "I don't know, he just did it! So, what do we do (action) with that fact, to the benefit of (your) stated aims, goals, values, standards, etc, today and tomorrow?" That's the action we take. Beyond the pure learning of important lessons from your and other's histories, we don't advocate dwelling in or "poking around" in the immediate or distant past, ...this because you/ we have no control over same.

Coaches Sell Ideas

Further and unashamedly, we are salespeople. We, as coaches, sell ideas. Ideas that surprise our clients, for the insight and benefit that they gain. We will always invite you to challenge us, to pull those ideas apart, once they are understood, ...to try to find fault with our method. However, if the ideas put make sense, then there will be an expectation of you, an obligation placed upon you, as a client, to really test and measure those concepts daily for practical validation, ...as those test opportunities arise. And, they will arise with regularity.

An Observation Here, ...of Sorts

We are not experimenting, ...our clients are not "lab mice". Our methodology has stood the tests of time, scepticism and rigorous practice, by thousands of very satisfied and very grateful clients. Testimonial to same, both written and verbal, are available upon request.

Flavour of the Month Fads - e.g. Mars and Venus, Body Language, etc

There are many modalities in coaching available, some great and some not so great. The problem with sampling them is, they are often taken out of their context or actually impractical in your context. For example, we promise not to try to make you a body language expert or a master of cognitive processing, via the observation of eye movements. We have a more practical and very importantly, more accurate and effective method of dealing with all of the circumstances that you are likely to find yourself in.

UBL - PURE coaching is about trusting and responding to your awareness - so, if somebody looks at their watch while you are talking to them and you get pre-occupied or distracted with that - we won't teach you to "read" that gesture. Instead of guessing about it or doing what others might call, "interpreting the scene", we'll demonstrate a much more effective means of determining, why they looked at their watch and, ...you'll love it.

More about UBL Coaching Programmes

Our programmes have been continuously and rigorously tested, tried and refined, since our inception in 1996. This development continues, literally, on a daily basis, as actual experience and actual results, that is, real world outcomes with real world clients, guides us. Thousands of people have used our methodologies (and earlier versions of them), to make significant productive changes to their businesses, to their personal lives and to the spectrum of their relationships with others. You are in excellent company.

All of the individual techniques and strategies in our programmes, have been empirically validated - that is, practical outcomes, measured and recorded by our clients. Anecdotal research also continues, this to confirm contemporarily, that our methodologies are a genuinely effective means of inducing and reinforcing lasting change, for the better. The coaching we offer is not some "silver bullet", nor a "magic wand". There is nothing mystical, mysterious or very complex about it. In fact, it has taken us many years to simplify our methodology, without compromise to effectiveness. Even so, you will find it very, very challenging, at times.

UBL - PURE Coaching is Always Undertaken with the Following Understanding

As a client, you are continuously reminded to be sceptical and constantly invited to question, scrutinise, find fault, pull apart and challenge us, on any point or protocol put, ...however, common sense demands that you test and measure those ideas and protocols, for personal validation of effectiveness or in-effectiveness.

Access Anytime

At UBL - PURE Coaching, we never let the excuse of, ..."Oh, it's going to sound stupid", ...or "It's too petty", put our clients off calling us. Some of the best insights you'll ever have, will be on the phone with your coach as something is unfolding in real time or just after. As a client, you'll have access to your coach at any time. We especially want to hear about insights or breakthroughs, as they occur.

Confidentiality and Coaching

Lastly, everything we share, that we talk about with our clients, is in confidence, with confidentiality absolutely assured. Our whole service, operates on trust. Without this, UBL Partners' influence is compromised and without influence, we have no business. Thank you and welcome again to UBL Partners - PURE Coaching.

High Performance Executive Coaching and Training

This is your gateway to elite outcomes. You too, will be able to can count yourself amongst the really accomplished. You can "travel" in step with a successful group of "can do" hard hitters. Have fun with like-minded, solution focused, achievers. Enjoy the practice sessions. Do the work. We'll be with you every step of the way. Prime yourself for tournament play! We are going to take your new game, a superior game, up to your "oppositions" and see them all, ...fall by the way side.

Talk to a UBL Partners coach today, call or email right now ...we'll get back to you ...FAST >>


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